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Program Description
This REU program (2007-2009) provides selected undergraduate students opportunities to work with graduate students in developing new generation of micro turbomachinery. Ten exceptional undergraduate students will be selected to participate in this prestigious NSF sponsored program during summer at Texas A&M University (TAMU). Excellent facilities and services, small research groups, exciting interdisciplinary topics, and staying in the intellectual city of College Station will provide students an invaluable research experience when participate in this cutting edge technology development.
This REU program is extended in 2010 and 2011 to include teachers/instructors in the NSF's Research Experiences for Teachers (RET) program, and students in the TAMU's Undergraduate Summer Research Grant (USRG) program.

Program Objectives

  1. Educational Goals
    • Provide participants with hands-on research experiences in a conducive and stimulating environment.
    • Cultivate participants with hard skills for technical innovation, and soft skills for successful research.
    • Motivate participants for a successful research career.
    • Promote diversity and seek improvement though continuous feedback.
  2. Technical Goals
    • Develop (oil-free) gas bearings replacing rolling-element bearings in high speed applications.
    • Integrate suitable technologies to fabricate robust micro-components for micro turbomachinery.
    • Design and fabricate prototype of a microturbine that fits within 1in3 (16cm3)

Program Outcomes

  • 57% were female or from underrepresented groups.
  • 94% said the program provided a very good learning environment and research experiences.
  • 90% intend to attend graduate school or to choose research as their career option.
  • 27% admitted to graduate school.

  1. Educational Achievements
    • 30 participants successfully completed the program in three years.
    • Participants worked closely with graduate students, attended GRE preparation classes, toured industry and research centers, and participated in weekly seminars on research methodology, ethics, graduate school, etc.
    • Participants learned to plan research activities, weighed alternatives, executed tasks, documented their work, and then presented the results as posters at the end of the program.
  2. Technical Achievements
    • Successfully designed and fabricated the first microturbine prototype.
    • Constructed analyzed and measured dynamic performance of bump-type gas foil bearings and metal-mesh foil bearings.
    • Developed and optimized technologies for micro-manufacturing using robust engineering materials:
      • Micromilling
      • Micromist cooling and lubrication in machining
      • Electrical discharge micromachining
      • Electrochemical micromachining
      • Laser microjoining
      • Vacuum-assisted investment microcasting
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